Here are some Health Benefits of keeping Pets close!

Having a pet has both mental and physical health benefits, here is how a pet can help you overall.

When people say, “You will receive love in any shape, size, and form” they mean it. We receive love and emotional support from our family members and friends, but we also receive emotional support from animals. Now you may have read about how pets can help with mental health, but did you know that being a pet owner is also beneficial for your physical wellbeing? If you speak to a pet owner about their pets, they tend to speak of them as one of their family members. The relationship between a pet and its owner is one of a kind and there are many reasons behind it!

In recent scientific studies, researchers have found that pets especially dogs and cats are accustomed to human behavior and emotions. A dog can comprehend some of the words we speak. But they are better at interpreting moods, physical demeanor, tone, and gestures. Dogs, with the help of eye contact, try and gauge what you’re feeling, which is something a human friend would also do!

Individuals who have pets are less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners. This is because pets provide companionship and provide you with a form of social support. Although human beings provide social support for each other, interpersonal relationships have proved to be a cause of stress. Whereas a relationship with an animal can help reduce this stress. Pets also force owners to be more social. For example, if you take your dog out for a walk there is a chance that someone will want to ask you a few questions about him. This helps reduce loneliness and the feeling of isolation. Playing with a dog or even a cat elevates serotonin levels which helps individuals feel calm and more relaxed. The forced exercise (walking) a pet makes you do regularly helps substantially boost one's mood and also releases serotonin and dopamine which are feel-good hormones and reduces the chance of depression.

One of the main reasons behind the therapeutic benefits of a pet has to do with the basic human need for touch. Petting, stroking, or even touching a loving animal can help rapidly soothe someone when they are stressed and anxious. This is because the need for a loving touch is taken care of. Animals accept an individual unconditionally without judgment which would provide you affection and care regardless of the kind of person you are.

Studies are now being conducted on the benefits of pets and animals on children. Research shows that kids who are exposed to pets at a young age are more empathetic, friendly, and outgoing. Pets also have a natural way through which they calm children with anxiety down. Schools are now letting dogs act as aids in class. These dogs help children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) focus more. A pet like a guinea pig helps children with autism calm down during an episode, this is again because of the unconditional acceptance provided to the child by the pet. Introduction to animals at a young age also helps reduce the chances of allergies and asthma.

Having a pet means regular exercise. If you have a god, you know that you have to walk them at least a few times a day. This helps keep a person active and ensures you have a healthy heart. Their need to play or playfulness improves cardiovascular health. Pet owners have low triglyceride and cholesterol levels and heart attack survivors or patients live longer than those without. Those who suffer from a fear of pets, tend to feel their fear fade away once they get their own pet and expose themselves to animals on a regular basis. This because of the protectiveness and affection they feel from the animal.

Now when we think about pets our minds go straight to a dog or cats. But there are so many alternative pets like fish or even reptiles who can help individuals get better. Many doctors and dentist offices have a fish tank, have you ever wondered why? This is because studies have shown that just looking at fish swim around in a bowl helps reduce stress levels. Snakes and lizards are known for their cold blood, but did you know that over time snakes and lizards grow an attachment and understanding of their caregiver. They do so by understanding who feeds them and cares for them and over time allows pets from that very person.

Overall having a pet will help you develop a structure in your life. While there will be times when you don’t want to do things for yourself, but you can’t slack off because you have someone else dependent on you for their basic necessity. So, having a pet ensures some form of physical movement in your daily life. Pets ensure you have a routine lifestyle that proves beneficial for you both. A pet provides you companionship, love, and care in forms you would never have expected. Caring for a pet helps fill your life with optimism and gives your life a new purpose. No human being can care for you, the way an animal does. Pet’s truly become irreplaceable members of a person's family. They love you unconditionally and ask you to do the same!

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